N26 plans to open in Brazil


N26 plans to open in Brazil

Having set its sights on becoming a "truly global bank', Germany's app-only bank N26 has announced plans to open in Brazil, its second overseas market after the US.

Webinar: Building a Missionary Product Team by N26 Brazil Product Leader, Mozart Morales

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Mozart is an Electrical Engineer who has been working in product for over six years. He has experience working as a Product Manager all over the world. He is currently a Product Manager in Brazil for the mobile bank, N26. He is working to ensure the team is focused on the best priorities to lead them to success in both the long and short term.

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N26, the mobile bank scales its business with the help of Workday

Learn why Workday is at the heart of N26’s mission to delight customers with the world’s best digital banking experience.

As a single platform, Workday is making internal processes simpler for N26, enabling its teams to spend their time doing the things that matter with a positive impact on the business and the bank’s customers.

New in N26 | Your money. More awesome.

It’s time to take your money to the next level.

From staying on top of bills to reaching big goals and budgeting like a pro, there’s something for everyone in the latest N26 app.

Find out more at n26.com/new.


N26 – What’s Next for Europe’s Hottest Online Banking App? | StartupTV

At the beginning of this year, the Berlin-based banking #startup N26 secured €265 million in Series D financing. What are the next steps and what will the fresh capital be used for? We interviewed the #founder and CEO of #N26, Valentin Stalf, who told us where is the mobile-only bank headed.

Check out the whole article here: https://startuptv.io/en/video/n26-where-is-the-bank-in-the-cloud-headed/

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