Germany `s N26 readies for US launch with EUR110 million capital injection led by Allianz and TenCent


Germany's N26 readies for US launch with EUR110 million capital injection led by Allianz and TenCent

Berlin-based mobile bank N26 has closed a series-C funding round of €110M as it prepares to open up in the United States.

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Number26 ► Open Account ◄ Video Documentation

Editorial article ►►►
Open an account ►►► Editorial article ►►►
Open an account ►►► This video shows the account opening at Number26 from abroad (USA). The process is exactly the same, as if you would open the account from Germany.

Questions about the account opening can be posted via the comments feature here on YouTube or even faster through the comments feature of the accompanying article:

Generally, one can say that it is very easy to open a current account at Number26. For the mailing of the free MasterCard, one currently needs an address in Germany or Austria, France, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Greece or Slovakia.

Further mailing countries are still in planning. German expatriates may consider the idea of ordering the card with the old home address, if the mail still arrives there.

This is important for Number26… and of course, that you use the account and card as often as possible (although it is not a requirement for the free account management).

I myself did not regret my own account opening at any moment and I am a customer of Number26 already since January 2015.

Basics article about Number26 can be found here:

… and when did you open your account?

N26 – the best Bank account to have -Part I

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N26 Bank GmbH is a German direct bank operating with a full German Banking License
Open your account today and receive a German IBAN for your German bank account – fuss free and instantly online!

Best Bank Accounts in Germany [2022 Update]

We compare German bank accounts for English speakers so you can choose the best one for you.


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25:33 – May I have more than one German bank account?
26:55 – Cash withdrawals at the supermarket
28:19 – What’s the deal with EC cards?

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