Banque de France reports back on wholesale CBDC programme


Banque de France reports back on wholesale CBDC programme

The Banque de France has published an upbeat report on its series of experiments with a wholesale CBDC but says its work has also thrown up new questions.

The Engineering and Design Problems of Building a US Dollar CBDC

A Future of Finance Interview with Jim Cunha, SVP at the Boston Fed.

The central bank that runs the major global reserve currency has largely resisted the temptation to join the increasingly animated debate about central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). But this summer will see the publication by the Federal Reserve of a major consultation paper on making the US dollar available as a CBDC.

The peculiar challenges of turning the US Dollar into a CBDC is one of the topics Future of Finance co-founder Dominic Hobson raised with Jim Cunha, an SVP at the Boston Fed who has added applied research into CBDCs to his long experience and expertise in payments, technology, innovation, security and fraud prevention.

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Wholesale Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) – The Future or a Complex Solution?

In Open Banking Expo’s Central Bank Digital Currency virtual event, we welcomed an exclusive panel to discuss wholesale CBDCs. In particular, we:

– Review the most important wholesale CBDC projects to determine whether CBDC will move out of exploration and experimental stages to transform the traditional wholesale environment
– Explore the value proposition for wholesale CBDCs including digital exchanges, cross-border payments and wider payments systems
– Analyse the wholesale CBDC framework, delving into the design, use and interoperability of DLT
– Consider the uncertainty around wholesale CBDCs to understand if their benefits outweigh the risks
– Tackle regulatory questions, coexisting with fiat currency, taxonomy and global standardisation, ecosystem development, other solutions than CBDCs to improve wholesale inefficiencies.

James Pomeroy, Global Economist, HSBC
Segun Bewaji, Team Lead, Senior Economist, Payments Canada
Will Lovell, Head of Future Technology, Bank of England

Moderated by:
Noelle Acheson, Managing Director of Research, CoinDesk

Fast, cheaper cross-border payments – is wholesale CBDC the answer?

The G20 has made enhancing cross-border payments a priority. This panel session looks at the potential of wholesale CBDCs in particular to make cross-border payments faster and cheaper.

Video: Banque de France’s wholesale CBDC experiment

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