Banque de France plans CBDC experiments


Banque de France plans CBDC experiments

France's central bank is calling for applications from firms interested in experimenting with the use of a digital euro for interbank settlements.

Japan’s central bank shelves plans for CBDC due to a lack of public interest




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Digital Money: Global markets and the coming revolution in cross-border settlement

On 24 February, the Digital Pound Foundation hosted a webinar entitled ‘Global markets and the coming revolution in cross-border settlement’. The session discussed how new forms of digital money, including central bank digital currency, are opening up possibilities for wholesale cross-border transaction settlement.

These new forms of money have the potential to revolutionise the FX markets, reducing the dependence of intermediaries, opening up competition and more efficient, effective market structures. They are also a key dependency for the evolution of digital asset markets, which introduce the ability to transform the way in which capital is allocated and value is transferred in a global marketplace.

In the webinar, Digital Pound Foundation members and guest speakers from the industry – including participants in Project Jura – spoke about the benefits that new forms of digital money can bring to wholesale cross-border settlements and the innovative use cases that can be delivered, as well as the associated challenges and potential solutions.

The opening keynote was given by two Accenture representatives: John Velissarios, Digital Assets, Custody & CBDC Lead and Global MD Blockchain and Multiparty Systems, and Dr Ousmène Jacques Mandeng, Senior Advisor, Blockchain and Multiparty Systems. John and Ousmene discussed their involvement in Project Jura, an initiative led by the Bank for International Settlements, Banque de France and Swiss National Bank with support from a range of private sector actors and market participants. The project explored the potential for cross-border settlement of tokenised asset and FX trades on a single DLT-based platform operated by a third party.

This was followed by a panel discussion, led by DPF’s Policy Lead Jannah Patchay, around the roles that public and private sector can play in developing the future ecosystem for cross-border settlement. Participants included: James Wallis, Vice President, Central Bank Engagements & CBDCs, Ripple; Gilbert Verdian, CEO, Quant; Mathias Studach, Head Finance, Risk & Org. Development, SDX and Dave Sissens, CEO,

As with any new market infrastructure, the webinar participants agreed there will be challenges including interoperability, standards, open access and competition. Ending on a positive note, they also concluded that the creation of Central Bank Digital Currencies is about more than simply providing solutions to existing problems but also about innovating to provide new solutions that may not yet have been conceived.

French Central Bank Launches Experimental Digital Euro Program!

The French central bank is the latest nation state to be joining the Central Bank Digital Currency research party, having recently announced of an experimental new program, that’s seeking for applications to file their proposal’s by May of this year, for France’s central bank to consider as part of a future strategy to take inter-bank settlement systems into the future.

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New Push for CBDC in UK with Digital Pound

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China gets a CBDC, the United States gets a CBDC, the Euro gets the CBDC, everybody gets a CBDC and now that includes the UK as the deputy governor of the Bank of England said that “the UK may need a digital pound considering the FTX’s collapse”.

You know, they say never let a good crisis go to waste and considering the fact the FTX’s collapse will only hurt, number one, the investors, obviously. And then number two, the companies that were doing the fraud themselves instead that governments around the world are looking to jump on this at the chance to pass new laws, new regulations, establish new oversight committees in government agencies to take advantage of this collapse.

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00:00 UK Looking into Gaining New Digital Pound
03:13 Crypto in the UK to be Regulated
04:05 Control of Money Leads to Control of Resources

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